Let me read your favorite posts (Thanks for letting me read them!)

https://voca.ro/17pndXver2V7 <- Please listen to if you can!

Alright gang, here's the lowdown. I'm a semipro voice actor and really enjoy doing what I do. One of the best ways to practice voiceover is to read things aloud and try to gather ideas on how something should be read. I wanted to shift some of my side attention to Smogon and Smogoff to really hone in on some of the random wacky stuff that gets posted here. So that's why I'm here and I'm ready to read things you send.

I have a professional setup that I can use for recording that you might find helpful to know. I have a Rode NT1A Microphone and Steinberg UR-12 Interface. My DAW of choice is Adobe Audition and I am very familiar with the audio engineering side of things. I am working out of a closet booth most of the time and I am able to hit a noise floor of -57db which, for the purposes of reading shitposts on a Pokemon website, is more than enough. The vocaroo I posted is an example of some edited and compressed audio, and I'm able to adjust the postprocessing accordingly.

I have some general rules that I will adhere to in the process of this thread:
  • Please try to keep all the thins you want me to read from Smogon.com. They can be analyses, funny posts, mental breakdowns, copypastas, whatever. But please try to keep them from this website.
    • I have the discretion to reject any request if it is otherwise something I feel would be extremely unsavory (and you know which threads I am talking about)
    • Please also include a link to what you'd like me to read.
  • The audio files have to be uploadable to vocaroo so they cannot be overly long. Therefore if you post a longer request, I will only be able to do up to 3 total minutes of audio per request.
  • I am doing this for free and have no plans to solicit any money from you all. But I do ask that if you do request things repeatedly that you donate to some sort of charity to pay it forward.
    • Because I'm doing this for free, please understand that I also have paid projects that have my priority and that I am working on these on my own time.

Thanks for reading this. At this point you can consider this thread open for business. :]

https://voca.ro/1kdR9sr5tkCQ - BP's Salamence Analysis (First Paragraph)
https://voca.ro/1h3fJZ8g9Jwx - Lavos Quit Rant
https://voca.ro/1k36F1yQEBJa - "Kabutops is a threat in UU matches"
https://voca.ro/1i4zRrHgulAI - "What the fuck"
https://voca.ro/16kh0DFkqSGr - BMB's Necturna Analysis (Opening three paragraphs)
https://voca.ro/1nnnTJEcQSer - "ey up lads its fookin shade from pohkemon"
https://voca.ro/1dJz2pgZnqYH - mf's guide to firstposting
Aight bro if you don't get the post for the best thread of 2021 I will bring this site to its knees. Side note, could you read the scheduling with Americans post?
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what are birds? we just don't know.
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u have a very good voice

please newsread for Page 5 tyvm


https://voca.ro/1h3298HNv1Pj (did a couple takes, kept one read in because I totally didn't forget to edit it out)

best roast (if not straight up murder) i have ever read

edit: considering the length i think i can be satisfied with the line "I’m 97% sure that you have to be Sand Veil Garchomp to avoid getting cervical cancer from even listening to the smogcast for like 5 minutes."
https://voca.ro/1ichrgmZIjII (I really wish I was able to get that paragraph in one breath, fuck)

https://voca.ro/1l7OYrGLFY9J (Did a funny old man smoker voice for fu

damn your voice is really good lol, like a perfect Youtuber voice or something idk

I will ask for Bedschibaer's Haunter rant
https://voca.ro/1l5E0rZWbxum (epic)

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